Is my dress provoking you?

Everyone, whether male or female, should read this


#OOTD when I was harassed: cream colored dress
Body parts showing: face, neck, décolletage, 1/3 of my upper back, arms, hands, fingers, lower leg, portion of my feet
Number of Catcalls: 4
Number of lewd stares: Too Many
Where catcalls happened: Lanuza, Ortigas Ave, Robinsons Galleria

I’ve always written about my street harassment encounters and everyone knows I hate them. I get cat called and street harassed almost everyday, from house to office and vice versa. Most of the time I shrug them off. I’ve learned not to listen or ignore them. But today and yesterday I noticed an increase of cat calls and lewd stares (I’m not imagining them, I know a lewd lingering stare when I see one). I realized I’ve been wearing a dress and that must have been the reason.

I realized too that whenever I get cat called or stared at, I suddenly get self-conscious…

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