My Driving Experience at A-1


A-1 is a well-known driving school in the Philippines, so I decided to take my driving lessons there. I took their Sedan Automatic for 15 hours which costed me 17,700.00 pesos.

Here is their full price list:


Before you hit the road here’s what you’ll need to have:
1. Student Permit (which you can get in LTO for 317.63 pesos)
2. Your A-1 I.D.
3. Your receipt to prove that you paid for it.

Here was the schedule that I got:


Review time:

The car:
It was okay, don’t really expect a high-tech or brand new looking car. Hey, at least the inside was not stinky! πŸ˜‚
The instructors:
I took my driving lessons in Mall of Asia (MOA), and the instructors here are different from the instructors in other branches. I had three different instructors. Two of them were really nice and did their jobs well. However for the last instructor, SERGE PARAS, was very unprofessional.

First Incident:

On the second day of my driving lessons, I had him as my instructor. Serge Paras was late for 15 minutes and he ended the lesson 5 minutes early. (I thought I enrolled 15 hours, not 14 hrs and 40 minutes?) Anyway, I let it go that time because I don’t want him to lose his job if I complained.

2nd incident with Serge Paras:

It is now June 29, and I was late for 15 minutes. Okay I know it’s my fault and I don’t blame him for the 15 minutes. BUT EVEN WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO END AT 10 AM, HE STOPPED AT 9:50. What a waste of 10 minutes! Did i mention that he took me to the drive-thru, so he could get breakfast and the gas station, so he could refill gas? Very unprofessional. Total time wasted by Serge Paras: 30 minutes.

3rd incident:

My dad had enough of it so he complained and ask for them to extend it for only 20 minutes. At July 2, HE WAS MY INSTRUCTOR AGAIN. (help me Lord.)Β When I got into the car, he started complaining about how unfair we are and that he only stopped 1-2 minutes early bla bla bla. AND HE EVEN TOLD ME TO NEVER LET ANYONE FROM MY FAMILY TO ENROLL. I’m not exaggerating.

With this said, I never want Serge Paras as my instructor ever again 😯😯 he was very unprofessional and I highly recommend people to NOT pick him as an instructor.

The lectures:
I’ll admit the lectures are pretty boring just like any other lecture from any school. But hey, at least it was informative right? Lectures are usually on Saturdays from 1:00-2:30 (for MPH) and 3:00-7:00 (for road rules, safety, etc) The classroom was small though, but workable. And the chairs were tiny. πŸ˜‚

Last note: A1 does help you learn driving; however, I just wish they would train their instructors to arrive and end on time. If I had the chance to pick another driving school, I wouldn’t, I would just pick my instructor. If your aim is for the best service, you should try another driving school. I paid 17,700 for driving and I received poor services because of one instructor, so pick your instructors wisely and don’t be afraid to complain. A-1’s service isn’t the cheapest out there, and I expected more from them.



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