How to Read the Bible Effectively.


You are here because:
1. You have difficulty reading the Bible
2. It’s boring
3. I can’t understand it
4. I’m busy

Let’s all be honest here, reading the Bible can be quite boring or difficult. Now before you all send me hate comments, hear me out here. The reason why it’s so difficult to have a daily scripture reading routine is because we are lazy (don’t deny). Whatever the reason is, we just have a lot of excuses. However, what if I tell you that your reasons are all based on one thing: it’s difficult to understand.

My Bible teacher once told me to set 15 minutes for God everyday. Not that hard right? WRONG. It was really hard. Even if I was concentrating, I couldn’t understand half the passage. Why is that? It’s because we lived in another era, how can we understand what they went through.

This is why there’s a solution. People who are new or old to reading the Bible should all have a guide. Wait wait, you mean someone to guide us? Won’t it be a hassle to that person? Actually, we need a thing to guide us and that is The Daily Bread.

What’s so good about the daily bread?

Instead of reading the passage over and over again without understanding anything, you can actually be guided by The Daily Bread. It tells you what passages to read and it teaches you the application of each lesson.

My english isn’t that good

That’s even better! The Daily Bread is available in a wide array of languages! Chinese? 没问题. Filipino? Kayang kaya ng Daily Bread yan.

Wow that sounds amazing, but where do i get one?

Well, if you’re a church goer, you can ask your church. However, if you are required to pay or you do not have a church.. you can download it. Yes, DOWNLOAD. I believe the word of God should be free to everyone.

Where do i download?

Easy! If you’re an android user, go get it in google play. If you’re an apple user, go get it in the app store. Pick one app that suits your taste. After all, they’re free.

Got Questions or Concerns? Comment down below and I’ll answer.



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