Hong Kong Travel: 5 Tips to get through Hong Kong like a PRO

           Whether you’re new to Hong Kong or not, these tips might get you around Hong Kong without looking clueless or getting lost.

#1 Get a copy of the MTR maps


These maps are just so convenient. If you need to go to a place, skip the taxi and take the MTR. It’s so much cheaper and sometimes faster (if it’s traffic) However, it might be a little crowded when it’s rush hour.

#2 Bring your own water


Why? Because the water in Hong Kong is expensive! The water price in Hong Kong is usually twice or thrice the usual price in most countries. So, bring your own water or you might just find yourself spending $10-$20 Hong Kong Dollars for a bottle of water.

#3 Experiment with food

Image from: instagram.com/tigerdannaaaaa/

        Image from IG: tigerdannaaaaa


Whether you’re in Disneyland, Ocean Park, some small restaurant beside your hotel or basically anywhere, go and explore (not just the place, but the food) Hong kong is rich with different types of desserts that you might never have thought of. Go and try it, you wont regret it.

#4 Do everything in advance


Buying any type of tickets in advance (either online or in travel agencies) is always cheaper than buying it on the spot. Not only can you save time, but also it helps you save money. Example: getting fast pass tickets in HK Disneyland or getting the octopus card for the MTR to save you time from buying those one-way tickets

#5 Research Research Research


The internet is your best friend when you’re abroad. Hong Kong has probably the fastest internet speed in Asia. Since you’re in the country, why dont you find help through the internet using their super fast wifi? One website dedicated to helping tourists is: Discover Hong Kong. Everything can be found on their site, trust me.



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