Product Spotlight: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Essence Review


Etude House is a skin care brand based from Korea. Three things you feeel when you’re inside an Etude House store:
#1: Like a Princess 💁 because they seriously call you princess every time you go in.
#2:  Like a cartoon character living in some kind of fantasy world, because everything there is cute enough to eat
#3: Like you’re about to spend all of your money. Why? Because all the products look so amaazing, you just wanna take em home! 😵

Enough jibber-jabbar, time for the review.
Here’s the description from prettyandcute







ANNDDD some stuff i don’t understand:


Product when applied:

No flash

With flash

♣It feels very sticky at first, but it goes away after ≈ 45 seconds
♣Uses a pumper to release product
♣One pump is enough

The consistency:

♣The product feels quite “slippery and liquidy”

The scent:

♣Mild citrus fragrance Like ORANGEEE ≧◇≦

Good side:

♡Packaging does not feel cheap. It’s made of glass
♡It smells nice
♡Keeps my face moisturized
♡Little goes a loooooong wayy

Bad side:
∅ It’s quite pricey for a student like me 798 pesos/$18
∅ I wish the pump was a dropper, so that i wouldn’t accidentally pump too much product 😟😟
∅might be extremely moisturizing for oily-skinned people

Who would I recommend this for:
1. Ages 18-25 who want to start preventing wrinkles

See how i use this HERE.

Thank youuu!!! 💜💜



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